”Äntligen finns naturlig hudvård för män som har känslan, doften, miljötänket och den kvalitet som jag efterfrågar.”

Tony Irving has over 40 years in the Dance and Entertainment industry. Today he is one of Sweden’s top TV and Media profiles.

In 2011 Tony started to use organic skin care products created by Rosenserien. He was so impressed by their quality and effectiveness that he contacted Carina Swartz, the CEO of RS Biokosmetik and suggested that they could cooperate on the creation of a new organic skin care system for men. This resulted in the establishment of Sweden Eco. A unique organic and ecological skin care system.

Tony worked together with RS Biokosmetik on the development of all the products in the series and has been involved in the establishment of the philosophy that both Tony and RS Biokosmetik have had at the forefront of their cooperation. To work with Nature for the preservation of the environment and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this goal all the ingredients are 100% natural, organic grown and vegan friendly.  At the same time the packaging is made from re-cycled plastics.

At an early stage in his career one of Tony’s dance teachers told him that “There is no such thing as an ugly champion”. This led to an awareness of how important his weight, appearance and need to keep up a youthful complexion would be for his future in the dance and entertainment industry. This often resulted in extreme diets, Botox treatments and plastic surgery. None of which lead to positive changes or gave a long-lasting effect.

At the age of 45 Tony worked on a TV show with people that promoted a healthy lifestyle and worked for the benefit of the environment. This became a turning point in Tonys life. Through this contact Tony changed both his mental and physical approach to his body and training. The quality of what he puts in or uses on his body became a central focus of his lifestyle.

It is extremely important for Tony that Sweden Eco skin care products give a positive result, maintain a high quality and are good for the environment.

Today Tony works to promote Sweden Eco as an integral part of healthy lifestyle.

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